Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water does not stay contained

Water is subjected to the rules of science. It follows the path of least resistance and travels from wet to dry. 

Water is also not in the habit of using a doorway. It will often find the break between the baseboard and the floor. 

Often it will also travel under the wall. Get a team on site before the water is wicked up the drywall. This can eliminate large areas of wall from having to be removed. 

Yes the ceiling needs to come down

All too often we hear the phrase. It does not look wet can't you just use a few fans. 

No we can not. It is often times not the drywall we are worried about. Most homes have insulation in the walls and ceilings. Especially if there is a room above. 

The insulation is the problem not the drywall. Wet insulation does not dry. There is no amount of dehumidification or air movement that is going to dry wet insulation. 

Please do not use your eyes to determine the scope of the work that needs to be done. It is not what it appears. 

Water damage is very similar to an iceberg only a fraction of the damage can be seen 

More than just the carpet

When water damage happens in a room with a carpet? 

There are multiple layers involved. Typically there is a carpet, pad, floor and a subfloor.

Here is a special note the carpet pad can NEVER NEVER NEVER be saved. If the work starts in time often the carpet itself can be salvaged. This window is short. 

The carpet is pulled up, pad tossed away, wood floor and subfloor drying must commence immediately. Then the carpet can be cleaned and dried. 

Please note this is a short window and often ties to what sort of water damaged your carpet. Sewer water intrusions should never tried to be saved. 

Water Damage in Arlington, MA

This photo represents water damage from ground water coming through the foundation after a heavy rain storm. There was standing water among all the contents. We extracted the water from the carpets and then installed drying equipment.