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Cleanliness helps

Water and fire damage is messy. The clean up is even messier. 

There is a lot more to the cleaning than just removing the water. 

When the ceilings and walls have to come down. There will be screws in the walls. Insulation must be removed. Trash, construction dust, & all debris needs to be removed off the premises. 

Having our team create a clean slate for the reconstruction team eases the process. It speeds up the process. Allowing you to get back to “Like it never even happened.”

We know what to look for

With new building codes many times there are numerous water sources. These can stem from individual unit valve shut offs. Large sprinkler system holding tanks or even main shut off valves. 

We strive to know ahead of time and provide each building with a preparedness plan.

These plans can be accessed through an app on your phone. Printed out and kept laminated in central  spot on site.

Having a quick reference for where emergency shut off valves are. Where power can be cut from. These are vital to mitigating your losses. Reducing the amount of damage to your home or building can save thousands 

You can not always see what is going on

When water damage happens you have to know how to look for it all. 

We ensure our technicians have all the right tools to properly assess just how far the damage goes. 

Using visual cues and searching for water lines is only part of the process. Many times water is absorbed into a floor or wall beyond the hard water line. 

These hard visual lines only provide guides for the true extent of the damage. 

It is not store bought equipment

When you try to tackle damage to your home on your own. There are a lot of things you could do on your own. 

Sure you could pull down a wall. Pull off that baseboard to get up your carpet and pad. Pull that insulation out of the ceiling or wall. 

There is still a lot of moisture in the remaining materials. It has all had a chance to soak up some water. This must be dried. 

The table fan you have for white noise at night is not going to cut it. The dehumidifier you ran out to the store to get. Well that is just not going to be enough. 

Industrial fans, Custom mats for drying and saving floors. Coupled with  Injectidry systems to target specific areas for drying. Knowledge about how to create drying chambers to speed up the process. 

These are things that come with training and development over time. Not something that happens because you saw what was wet.

Ice Dams in the winter. Water damage in the spring

Many times during the winter ice will buildup on  the outside of the house. 

This occurs where heat loss and the cold air meet. Should there be snow on the roof it will begin to melt causing ice to buildup. 

As the ice moves towards the warmer air it will melt again. This melting can over time cause serious damage to your home. 

If the build up is near a gutter all to often it can expand to the point the gutter can be ripped off the side of the house. creating a pathway for the water to infiltrate your home. 

Make sure you are walking around your home during your quarterly maintenance checklist. 

Mold!! It can grow pretty much anywhere

When the conditions are just right chances are there is a variety of mold that can grow just about anywhere. 

When water comes in behind a wall those conditions are just right. 



Warm....Check be it warm from the outside in or in colder months from the inside out. It is best to believe that it will be warm enough for growth. 

Doing your quarterly deep cleans around the home is a great way to keep an eye out for any signs of water damage. 

At times what could be an easy fix now turns into a major renovation. 

Wind can do damage too

With storms comes wind. This wind can at times be enough to cause some serious damage. 

Twisting tress limbs and leaders off causing them to crash into homes. Ripping frail shingles from the roofs. 

These events can create gaps in your homes water tightness. Allowing rain to infiltrate to areas of your home. 

Often times the damage can be confined to attics and crawl spaces. Places that often go unchecked for months at a time. 

After any inclement weather please walk through your home. Check those unvisited spaces, get into the crawl spaces. Look over the roof, attic, basements. 

Storms show no mercy

Storms do not differentiate what part of your house they will affect. 

When a storm move through and overload local sewer systems with water run off. This water is pushed through into the path of least resistance. 

All too often this means through bathrooms and into homes from sinks, toilets, bath tubs and showers. 

When that happens there is not much you can do until the issue is stopped outside. Resulting in a large amount of damage throughout your home. 

Please know this back up is not clean water. It is very contaminated and has a lot of potential for bacteria, virus and fungus. 

Make sure you keep out of the area until professionals are able to get in and clean it up. 

Commercial bathrooms take a beating

Having bathrooms open to the public is a wonderful service option. It does get abused and they do get worked a lot more than those only for workers. 

Many times there are things put into the toilet that clog the drain. Diapers, feminine hygiene products, drug paraphernalia and many other things.

Many facilities have a shared bathroom for clients as well as the staff. If something happens to the facilities. Correcting the problem as soon as possible is essential. 

Do not expect your employees to clean up the mess. Keep things moving and call the professionals. Decontamination the right way is the only way. 

Business not as usual

When water damage happens at a business the number of people directly affected is increased ten fold. 

The building itself is affected. The workers are displaced. Many times depending on the insurance may be out of work. Patrons can not visit. This renders the business reputation as well as its income flow. 

The time that it takes for the damage to be repaired can make or break the business. Too long and the community thinks that it is out of business. Too long workers make other arrangements. Funds are depleted and reserves run out. 

Working hard to get you back to "Like it never even happened." is what makes the difference. 

Water does not stay contained

Water is subjected to the rules of science. It follows the path of least resistance and travels from wet to dry. 

Water is also not in the habit of using a doorway. It will often find the break between the baseboard and the floor. 

Often it will also travel under the wall. Get a team on site before the water is wicked up the drywall. This can eliminate large areas of wall from having to be removed. 

Yes the ceiling needs to come down

All too often we hear the phrase. It does not look wet can't you just use a few fans. 

No we can not. It is often times not the drywall we are worried about. Most homes have insulation in the walls and ceilings. Especially if there is a room above. 

The insulation is the problem not the drywall. Wet insulation does not dry. There is no amount of dehumidification or air movement that is going to dry wet insulation. 

Please do not use your eyes to determine the scope of the work that needs to be done. It is not what it appears. 

Water damage is very similar to an iceberg only a fraction of the damage can be seen 

More than just the carpet

When water damage happens in a room with a carpet? 

There are multiple layers involved. Typically there is a carpet, pad, floor and a subfloor.

Here is a special note the carpet pad can NEVER NEVER NEVER be saved. If the work starts in time often the carpet itself can be salvaged. This window is short. 

The carpet is pulled up, pad tossed away, wood floor and subfloor drying must commence immediately. Then the carpet can be cleaned and dried. 

Please note this is a short window and often ties to what sort of water damaged your carpet. Sewer water intrusions should never tried to be saved. 

Move your appliances

It happens we do not move our appliances to clean behind them. Only moving them when they fail or we decide we want an upgrade. 

The problem with that is many times they provide the right conditions for mold to grow. Unchecked for months at a time. Resulting in a surprise. 

Refrigerators are prime suspects often in a corner. Especially new ones that have water and ice systems. A small break in a line or a slow leak that does not affect the overall function. 

When the equipment is moved or replaced you can be left with a nasty mess. Many times the floor can be compromised depending on the conditions. 

We recommend moving your appliances quarterly as part of your deep clean process 

Behind the cover-up

Mold is not something many people want to deal with so they do the famous cover-up.

They will have water damage they did not address. In turn they start to see something growing through the drywall months later. 

This may be when they are looking to sell a home. To try and produce a clean look for inspectors and prospective buyers. They will have new drywall put on all affected areas.

This will become visible over time and can be much worse than dealing with the initial problem. Much to the chagrin of new owners. 

Be diligent water damage does not just go away. Deal with it as soon as it happens and do not pass it on to someone else.  

Fires often occur where people sleep

Many fires happen when people are sleeping. Often times because they fall asleep with a lit smoking device in the bed with them.

This poses immediate danger to not only themselves but to anyone living in that building.

Smoking outside ensures that this does not happen. It will also improve the indoor air quality of the home.

Indoor air quality improvement can reduce breathing issues and asthma reactions.

Only smoking outside can also reduce the amount that you smoke on extreme weather days. Improving your overall health. 

Health Inspection closings

When things happen in restaurants they are become a health hazard to the public. Many time some infractions are not too bad and call for a simple quick remedy.

Often times the health department will shut a restaurant down for cleanliness issues. These are not always as bad as one would think but they need to be dealt with immediately.

Having a forced closure on your record is never something any business owner wants. So often time once the inspections happen they call us in to do once overs to get it all caught up. Staff is often busy with the day to day.

Ceilings are all too often overlooked in the busy day of restaurant work. When the health department comes around you can bet they see it.

Do not get caught with a forced violation schedule quarterly deep cleans to ensure it is all up to code all the time. One less worry in the daily operations of the business. We have your back  

Sewage in Restaurant

This is the kind of call we get more than we would like to see.

Construction workers outside did something to the main line and it backed up into all the restaurants in the main square.

This Arlington has so many restaurants in the square we got the call from about 5 of them. Multiple days in a row. This causes catastrophic losses not only in revenue but product.

There were some places that had infiltration into their freezers. Along with stock that while on shelving was close enough to the floor to be ruined.

How not to use an extension cords and power strips

Power strips and extension cords are great inventions. They do have to be used correctly. 1) Do not place them on the floor. Sit them up on something even if it is just a milk carton. If you have a water damage you run the risk of fire.

2) Do not plug other extension cords or power strips into them.. They can overload and cause a fire.

3) Do not plug in high power use devices into them.

Mold Infestation in Arlington, MA

This Arlington, MA family discovered extensive microbial growth in their attic. SERVPRO of Arlington/Somerville has trained technicians that were able to remove the mold growth, and then restore the space to preloss conditions. The family was very grateful that we were able to recover their home and protect them from any potential health effects. 

Duct Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Arlington/Somerville offers duct cleaning services! As you can see in this photo, dust and debris can build up inside of your duct systems. These should be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure your systems are running properly. 

Fire Damage in Somerville, MA

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Water Damage in Arlington, MA

This photo represents water damage from ground water coming through the foundation after a heavy rain storm. There was standing water among all the contents. We extracted the water from the carpets and then installed drying equipment. 

Here To Help When Storms Hit

Spring showers do bring flowers, but they can also lead to severe storms and the flooding of your home. At SERVPRO of Arlington/Somerville we’re always here to help mitigate the resulting water damage of your home to keep your shelter sturdy and safe.

When Fire Strikes, A Plan is Always in Your Hand.

Tragedy is never planned, but you can still be ready. While you may never know when it is going to strike, having a plan in place will alleviate some stress for you. Prepare for the unexpected with the SERVPRO® Emergency Ready Plan mobile app. Help is always at your fingertips.