Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Cleanliness helps

Water and fire damage is messy. The clean up is even messier. 

There is a lot more to the cleaning than just removing the water. 

When the ceilings and walls have to come down. There will be screws in the walls. Insulation must be removed. Trash, construction dust, & all debris needs to be removed off the premises. 

Having our team create a clean slate for the reconstruction team eases the process. It speeds up the process. Allowing you to get back to “Like it never even happened.”

We know what to look for

With new building codes many times there are numerous water sources. These can stem from individual unit valve shut offs. Large sprinkler system holding tanks or even main shut off valves. 

We strive to know ahead of time and provide each building with a preparedness plan.

These plans can be accessed through an app on your phone. Printed out and kept laminated in central  spot on site.

Having a quick reference for where emergency shut off valves are. Where power can be cut from. These are vital to mitigating your losses. Reducing the amount of damage to your home or building can save thousands 

You can not always see what is going on

When water damage happens you have to know how to look for it all. 

We ensure our technicians have all the right tools to properly assess just how far the damage goes. 

Using visual cues and searching for water lines is only part of the process. Many times water is absorbed into a floor or wall beyond the hard water line. 

These hard visual lines only provide guides for the true extent of the damage. 

It is not store bought equipment

When you try to tackle damage to your home on your own. There are a lot of things you could do on your own. 

Sure you could pull down a wall. Pull off that baseboard to get up your carpet and pad. Pull that insulation out of the ceiling or wall. 

There is still a lot of moisture in the remaining materials. It has all had a chance to soak up some water. This must be dried. 

The table fan you have for white noise at night is not going to cut it. The dehumidifier you ran out to the store to get. Well that is just not going to be enough. 

Industrial fans, Custom mats for drying and saving floors. Coupled with  Injectidry systems to target specific areas for drying. Knowledge about how to create drying chambers to speed up the process. 

These are things that come with training and development over time. Not something that happens because you saw what was wet.