Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Ice Dams in the winter. Water damage in the spring

Many times during the winter ice will buildup on  the outside of the house. 

This occurs where heat loss and the cold air meet. Should there be snow on the roof it will begin to melt causing ice to buildup. 

As the ice moves towards the warmer air it will melt again. This melting can over time cause serious damage to your home. 

If the build up is near a gutter all to often it can expand to the point the gutter can be ripped off the side of the house. creating a pathway for the water to infiltrate your home. 

Make sure you are walking around your home during your quarterly maintenance checklist. 

Wind can do damage too

With storms comes wind. This wind can at times be enough to cause some serious damage. 

Twisting tress limbs and leaders off causing them to crash into homes. Ripping frail shingles from the roofs. 

These events can create gaps in your homes water tightness. Allowing rain to infiltrate to areas of your home. 

Often times the damage can be confined to attics and crawl spaces. Places that often go unchecked for months at a time. 

After any inclement weather please walk through your home. Check those unvisited spaces, get into the crawl spaces. Look over the roof, attic, basements. 

Storms show no mercy

Storms do not differentiate what part of your house they will affect. 

When a storm move through and overload local sewer systems with water run off. This water is pushed through into the path of least resistance. 

All too often this means through bathrooms and into homes from sinks, toilets, bath tubs and showers. 

When that happens there is not much you can do until the issue is stopped outside. Resulting in a large amount of damage throughout your home. 

Please know this back up is not clean water. It is very contaminated and has a lot of potential for bacteria, virus and fungus. 

Make sure you keep out of the area until professionals are able to get in and clean it up. 

Here To Help When Storms Hit

Spring showers do bring flowers, but they can also lead to severe storms and the flooding of your home. At SERVPRO of Arlington/Somerville we’re always here to help mitigate the resulting water damage of your home to keep your shelter sturdy and safe.