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Commercial bathrooms take a beating

Having bathrooms open to the public is a wonderful service option. It does get abused and they do get worked a lot more than those only for workers. 

Many times there are things put into the toilet that clog the drain. Diapers, feminine hygiene products, drug paraphernalia and many other things.

Many facilities have a shared bathroom for clients as well as the staff. If something happens to the facilities. Correcting the problem as soon as possible is essential. 

Do not expect your employees to clean up the mess. Keep things moving and call the professionals. Decontamination the right way is the only way. 

Business not as usual

When water damage happens at a business the number of people directly affected is increased ten fold. 

The building itself is affected. The workers are displaced. Many times depending on the insurance may be out of work. Patrons can not visit. This renders the business reputation as well as its income flow. 

The time that it takes for the damage to be repaired can make or break the business. Too long and the community thinks that it is out of business. Too long workers make other arrangements. Funds are depleted and reserves run out. 

Working hard to get you back to "Like it never even happened." is what makes the difference. 

Health Inspection closings

When things happen in restaurants they are become a health hazard to the public. Many time some infractions are not too bad and call for a simple quick remedy.

Often times the health department will shut a restaurant down for cleanliness issues. These are not always as bad as one would think but they need to be dealt with immediately.

Having a forced closure on your record is never something any business owner wants. So often time once the inspections happen they call us in to do once overs to get it all caught up. Staff is often busy with the day to day.

Ceilings are all too often overlooked in the busy day of restaurant work. When the health department comes around you can bet they see it.

Do not get caught with a forced violation schedule quarterly deep cleans to ensure it is all up to code all the time. One less worry in the daily operations of the business. We have your back  

Sewage in Restaurant

This is the kind of call we get more than we would like to see.

Construction workers outside did something to the main line and it backed up into all the restaurants in the main square.

This Arlington has so many restaurants in the square we got the call from about 5 of them. Multiple days in a row. This causes catastrophic losses not only in revenue but product.

There were some places that had infiltration into their freezers. Along with stock that while on shelving was close enough to the floor to be ruined.