Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold!! It can grow pretty much anywhere

When the conditions are just right chances are there is a variety of mold that can grow just about anywhere. 

When water comes in behind a wall those conditions are just right. 



Warm....Check be it warm from the outside in or in colder months from the inside out. It is best to believe that it will be warm enough for growth. 

Doing your quarterly deep cleans around the home is a great way to keep an eye out for any signs of water damage. 

At times what could be an easy fix now turns into a major renovation. 

Move your appliances

It happens we do not move our appliances to clean behind them. Only moving them when they fail or we decide we want an upgrade. 

The problem with that is many times they provide the right conditions for mold to grow. Unchecked for months at a time. Resulting in a surprise. 

Refrigerators are prime suspects often in a corner. Especially new ones that have water and ice systems. A small break in a line or a slow leak that does not affect the overall function. 

When the equipment is moved or replaced you can be left with a nasty mess. Many times the floor can be compromised depending on the conditions. 

We recommend moving your appliances quarterly as part of your deep clean process 

Behind the cover-up

Mold is not something many people want to deal with so they do the famous cover-up.

They will have water damage they did not address. In turn they start to see something growing through the drywall months later. 

This may be when they are looking to sell a home. To try and produce a clean look for inspectors and prospective buyers. They will have new drywall put on all affected areas.

This will become visible over time and can be much worse than dealing with the initial problem. Much to the chagrin of new owners. 

Be diligent water damage does not just go away. Deal with it as soon as it happens and do not pass it on to someone else.  

Mold Infestation in Arlington, MA

This Arlington, MA family discovered extensive microbial growth in their attic. SERVPRO of Arlington/Somerville has trained technicians that were able to remove the mold growth, and then restore the space to preloss conditions. The family was very grateful that we were able to recover their home and protect them from any potential health effects.