What our Customers say...


My dryer vent caught fire and created a mess. We were back to normal after a month of work.

My hot water heater let go and they were so quick to the scene. Thank you

Any a water issue and the team was great

My company uses SERVPRO to do Covid cleanings in their common areas. They are so respectful and do a great job. I feel so safe after they clean our space.

They are a 24/7 business. Can't predict when disaster strikes. They came at 1:30 am.

I use SERVPRO because they did a job on where I worked. They were so professional and knew what they were doing. They were the first ones I called when an issue came up in my house.

I choose SERVPRO because they have a good reputation. I'm an elderly women who lost her husband years ago and needed a company to help me whom I trusted. They helped with my mold issue in my bathroom. 

We came home from a vacation to find 4 inches on water in our basement that came in thru the bulkhead. We immediately called SERVPRO and they came out and dried out the area. Thank you for your quick response to our disaster. 

I had so much rain water in my basement after a large storm. All my boxes of memories were ruined. They came and moved everything and saved whatever they could. Melinda was such a wealth of information on what I need to do on my end. Thank you so much!

I had a tree fall on my house and thru the roof. It created such a mess. SERVPRO helped me contact my insurance company and lead my thru the whole process.  Would use them again

I had a buff back in my house. Everything was covered with a black soot. SERVPRO organized everything and made sure all my items were clean. I didn't have to lift a finger.

My dryer caught fire and caused so much damage. Was happy I called SERVPRO. 

My stove caught on fire and created such a mess in my house. I didn't know how bad it was until they came with these certain sponges and showed me the soot damage on the walls. 

My house has never been so clean!

My office had a strange odor. Ben helped me solve where it was coming from and fixed it. 

Would use them again.

I was impressed how quick they came out and help me open my business again. By them moving so fast I didn't have lot of down time. 


I noticed some mold growth in my salon. I had them come out and they took care of it. It was so easy working with them. Their team is great and respectful. Will use again.

My office had a small water damage. I called SERVPRO of Arlington and immediately came out and helped me get back to business.

I was so impressed how the crew came out and cleaned and organized my attic. Thank you so much and I will call again if I need anything. Very satisfied.

We had a tree fall into our home during a wind storm. We knew we had to call people for the roof but who would clean the shards of glass everywhere? It was embedded in my hardwood, the walls, everywhere. I have a young baby who is crawling and heaven forbid any glass was left down to hurt him. 

I called Ben with SERVPRO and walked me through what he had to do. They did a great job and were so respectful of my home. Finally my home is back to normal.

SERVPRO did a great job with my basement. Several years of stuff that I could never get to and was prepping my house to sell. I needed it clean and it was too big of a job for me. They did a great job helping me go thru the stuff I wanted to safe and throw away and after that they cleaned the area perfectly. I never saw the basement so clean. Thanks again. I would use them again.

I called SERVPRO and spoke with Ben. He was very helpful with my potential mold issue. We had a someone come out and look at the mold in our bathroom. They knew exactly why it was there and how they could take care of it. I'm so relieved that they removed it and now I can breathe easier knowing there's no more mold in the bathroom.

Unfortunately I had to call you after my elderly father fell and made a mess of the house. I live outside of the state and knew SERVPRO's name and knew I could contact for this matter. They quickly responded to me and were able to clean up the house before my father came back home. I would highly recommend their professionalism and sensitivity to this issue. I hope I don't need to call them again and know if I need them they are the people who can help. 

You guys have been great and we're able to come and pick up our water damage restoration project when the other company failed to respond adequately and get it done efficiently and seamlessly for us with our insurance company adjuster.

Thank you again Ben!

Thanks so much for the quick response on a Saturday morning. Your guys worked really hard and efficiently to get my place cleaned up. SERVPRO was able to work with my insurance company in a very convenient and seamless manner

Thank you so much for taking care of our Sewage mess. Your team did a great job and went the extra mile for us.

Great Job! Thanks for getting things finished so quickly 

The service was perfect. I have no complaints. Thank you!!

I would recommend you to all my friends! 

They really know their stuff!!

Impressed and very grateful! Thank you!

The crew had such great manners and kindness!

The on site personnel were outstanding. Good job!

Give these guys a raise for how amazing a job they do! 

Such nice people . Was very comfortable having them in my home.

Work was completed to a high degree and the crew cleaned up every stitch of dirt. Was very pleased with the work as well as Chris and his crew

Workers were respectful, hardworking and did a great job. Thank you SERVPRO!

Elias and the crew were wonderful. Polite and respectful to all in the household & were gentle in moving any household items that needed moving. They left everything clean and in great order. I have peace of mind knowing that all the water clean up and mold remediation is complete

I really appreciate the flexibility, sensitivity and professionalism of everyone I spoke with, Michelle and Courtney

Extremely professional & prompt! Very knowledgable of water damage & the steps needed to solve problems.

Everything was great! Your people were wonderful and helped us tremendously! Thank you so much!