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Spring is here and so is the cleaning.

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

Spring has finally sprung. Along with the grass becoming green, the weather warmer, the days a little longer, flowers sprouting there is a need for spring cleaning in your home. Below are some tips you can do every spring to maintain your home and make sure it's safe and clean. 

Some good practices could be instrumental in maintaining a well cared for home. First, make sure to check the dryer vents. They accumulate excess fluff from the clothes in the dryer and could become a potential hazard. Second, clean windows and screens. These items hold plenty of small dust particles that travel inside and outside your home. Third, clean and change filters in the heating and air conditioning systems in your home. Good air quality is important for your family members and by cleaning it you are showing them you care about the air they breathe. Fourth, change out the mats that are placed by the doors. These mats are made to collect excess debris from outside so you wouldn't transfer into the home. It would be a good practice to change them out every spring to make sure they maintain their integrity.

There are plenty items I can list for your to address but if you do these it's a start to a cleaner home. 

Fall decluttering??? Yes it is a thing

9/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fall is a great time to make room for holiday decorations, family and friends

Fall Declutter

We have all heard of Spring cleaning and while it is nice to open the windows let the air circulate and remove the cobwebs of winter, But a fall cleaning???? The leaves are starting to fall, the weather has turned cooler and gone are blistering days in the sun. So what do you.. You De-clutter of course!!! Fall is not just for yard debris and leave raking. The fall is a perfect time to de-clutter, Why?

We are so glad that you asked. Attics and basements have started to cool off making it more manageable to get things done. With the holidays coming up organizing what you have to make the holidays less chaotic. If you have less stuff there is less cleaning that needs to be done daily and there is less to worry about.

Just like any project it is important to not get overwhelmed and stay organized. Take it one room or section at a time. Create an area where you can set up 4 sections to create a donate, sell, keep and trash pile. Make sure you are prepared to have a yard sale and once it is over everything that did not sell will not become donate or trash.

Making decisions can be daunting especially if money has been spent on a item. A good rule of thumb for many items is have you used it in the last 3-6 months, if it is not holiday or seasonal items and the answer is no chances are you do not really need it. With clothing if it does not fit, or in your eyes is out of style and you just will not wear it let it go.

Once you have gone through everything tackle the pile of trash, call a company that does junk removal . This will allow you to free up space immediately so you can sort through the sell pile. Organize and price the items you want to sell. A few noteworthy bits of advice, once you set the date for the yard sale call a donation company to come within the week following the yard sale so you do not delay the process. It is always advisable to keep your donation pile until after the yard sale so that they only have to come out once. Many places will come out for free so do your research and check out the dates that they have available try and coordinate your yard sale within the same week.

Your keep pile will be the last pile you put away as you could change your mind as you go and will not have the best view of how much space you have until the rest of the stuff is gone. Once you are done and have only the keep pile you can best assess where to put it all. However there are still steps to take before you put it all away.

The next phase is cleaning and no I do not mean sweeping the room. A good solid deep clean washing ceilings, walls light fixtures, switches, fans, floors anything in the room and yes you should move any remaining furniture and clean all around it. Windows and window sills are often overlooked but are as important to the total cleaning process. If this is too daunting or time consuming many companies are out there that can take care of this for you. While some companies come weekly there are companies out there that will do a once over from time to time, such as SERVPRO’s.

If you are starting to feel overwhelmed already its fine breathe look at one room make a checklist and start organizing your piles. You will be amazed at what happens when you get going.. Happy fall and say tuned for our next update.

  1. Attics and basements are not as hot so it is easier to work through.
  2. You get to see those Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations ahead of time and really plan to show it all off.
  3. You can make some room for the new things you will receive during the holiday season.
  4. Company will have more space to move around with less clutter.