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Why SERVPRO? Technology and Innovation drive us forward

11/20/2018 (Permalink)

As technology changes. Embracing ways to streamline and make a more efficient Process. Coupled with tried and true methods creates the best experience

We have talked about our people we need to talk about our technology. SERVPRO is always striving for a new way of doing things. A better piece of equipment to dry things out faster. A new product that works better on getting out odors or smoke and soot. We are even looking for new ways to deliver your information over to the insurance companies so that we can get you back to normal faster. Let us look at some of the newest things we have rolled out over the last few years.

File management: Creating a file for the insurance company is not as easy as you would think. Every insurance company wants to look as different information when it comes to claims. Some want to see images of trash, some want images of protective gear being used. While others want specific notes and documentation. SERVPRO has created a propriety software program that allows continuity with our process. This ensures that the field technicians are capturing all the necessary data. Storing it one place for an easy transfer to the insurance adjuster. Reducing time management needs. This software captures all your information, any necessary paperwork needing to be signed. It also allows them to capture the entire work flow process.

This work flow starts from moisture readings on how wet your various affected surface areas are. Then we can upload images of all the materials to the file. This process includes initial onsite arrival ( pre-mitigation) during the demolition, and after once the work has been complete. They can label each room, document types of materials in each (ie. Floors, ceiling walls). They can draw a map of the home and upload it directly into the system. Any communications between you, the insurance company, your agent, or adjuster can be logged to ensure there is no step missed.

Own a business: Not to worry we have you covered too. We have another proprietary software program to help you be prepared and file a loss quickly with our team. I bet you are wondering what all that means. It begins with a building or space assessment. We conduct walk-throughs noting all shut off valves. All Breaker locations, Main shut off valves for such things as electrical, gas, water. There are notations for all fire alarms and sprinkler locations. They can even be customized with evacuation plan and meet up locations.

We will work with you to log all of your vendors for quick singular location access. Your emergency points of contacts along with images of all important shut off valves will be documented along with directions to each valve from a specific point within the building all will be able to relate to. This allows those who have never been in your building the ability to quickly find an access affected areas. This technology allows you to fit all this information in the palm of your hand. Access it no matter where you are, share the data with your entire management team and control who has edit capabilities to allocate for team member changes. There is an app that can be downloaded right to your phone. That app will also allow you to dispatch emergency services SERVPRO services out to which ever location has been hit with a problem. This can all be done even if you happen to be sitting by the beach. No more trudging back to the hotel room to get your laptop fired up. No more calling someone into the office to find that piece of paper on our desk.

Equipment: Our search for technology extends beyond software. We employ the latest is drying equipment to minimize the demolition necessary to your home while ensuring all materials are dried properly to avoid long term lasting damage. We have invested in newer dehumidifiers that while are physically smaller has much better drying power than the earlier versions. Many of our fans have been redesigned so that the can accommodate specialty equipment that allows for between wall drying. There are new sponges to provide easy smoke removal. There are even more eco-friendly products to ease the effects we have on the environment.

Claim Writing: We have embraced the same software that insurance companies use to document your claim. This software provides a clean looking file that does not lend itself to a lot of interpretation. There are less questions about our work done. When the insurance companies know the format they are looking at they can trust that it is correct the first time.

As we strive for a better way. There will be times and situations where the tried and true methods serve to propel your claim process through properly. Incorporating the new with the new allows us to provide you the services levels you have come to expect with SERVPRO. While ensuring that the best options for your specific circumstances are available

All too often we forget that planning can save you more money and time than it cost. Yet we often fail to act until it is too late, and we have no options. Creating and setting up relationships before a damage occurs now will allow you to stay on vacation. It will ensure that your claim is processed correctly so that you can move forward. “Like it never even happened”

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